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Warning: Blockchain Phishing Scam

This phish almost got me. I had just opened new iPhone account and for a second, thought, hmmm, was there a blockchain in my new phone I needed to activate? I searched the email's return link and it looked legit. Then I hovered my mouse over the activation link and it is totally shady, resolving to a blockchain like name with dashes and numbers in it (a fake address):
"nft-blockchain-2365 ..." which is a web app that already has my name set in its URL.
Needless, I am warning everyone. If it looks legit, hover your cursor over sender's email address, and the links that they want you to click for a second and it will show you where it really resolves to. (Do not click the links, though.) Although in this case, the email return address does appear go to
"[email protected]," and that has me puzzled on how they could spoof that. (I'd check the DNS registrar if I had time but I don't.)
If an email still looks real and you think you need to respond, just go to the site the way you normally would by typing it into your browser window manually.
Here is the phish email that I received:
Your Blockchain wallet will be suspended!
Dear Blockchain customer,
Our system has shown that your Blockchain Wallet has not yet been KYC verified. This verification can be done easily online with the below displayed connection
Due to the recently update of NFT's, all unverified accounts will be suspended on: Friday, April 16, 2022. We're sorry for any inconvenience we might cause with this.
Visit our website to start the security procedure: (I removed lin but it said it went to block chain wallet identification it was really the bad link)
Please keep in mind that our intention is to keep our customers safe, secured and happy.
Thank you for your understanding.
The Blockchain Team